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Our 60 day Supportive Recovery Housing program consists of a 12 step group, meditation, and facilitated meetings. This includes daily intensive outpatient programs, random drug screening, and outside meetings. After completing the 60-day program clients have the option but are not required to enter our sober living which offers additional support to those willing.


We offer a 60-Day Level 3 Supportive Recovery Housing Program

  • We give people a safe environment to open and talk honestly about alcohol & drugs.​

  • We help individuals navigate through their criminal charges by keeping an open line of communication with the courts.

  • ​We provide a safe home environment where individuals can separate from society in order to heal and work on themselves.

  • ​We guide people into finding employment after completion of 60-day program.

  • ​We offer optional sober living for individuals after successfully completing the 60-day program. Providing each individual, the opportunity to continue strengthening their recovery, obtain employment and remain in a safe structured environment.

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